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As you may well know, customer support can be stressful. Waking up each morning to angry clients and having to respond to a variety of other client questions.

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Luminjo has the features you and your clients need to provide the help and technical support clients need. With luminjo, all conversations are 100% online. Be able to contact all your contacts, no matter when and where.

How do the luminjo options help you?

Offer a new support experience to your customers with easy-to-use online software for you and for them. You will then be able to offer your clients quick answers to their needs and questions. With luminjo, the possibilities are numerous to satisfy your customer relationships. Our online software offers you a smart alternative to classical e-mail to handle all your customers' queries.

Why use luminjo for customer support? 

Tracking of questions, conversations, and exchanges asked by customers is one of the main strengths of luminjo. Know exactly where your customer requests are by consulting their luminjo conversation! They will not have to bug you to respond to the customers. Customer service, therefore, becomes a less demanding task for a company and its employees. The aim is to reduce the time spent dealing with questions and especially never to forget a user conversation. This is achieved by assigning conversations among all agents in just a few clicks. 

Save time and keep your customers happy! 

Do not hesitate to discover all the features and how to use them with on online help. For all the help you need using the luminjo customer support:

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The most simple and efficient way to communicate

Luminjo will allow you to simplify exchanges with customers and to be more efficient. A clear conversation history allows you to follow the progress of customer questions and the internal comments will allow your team to communicate with each other about a conversation. Automated responses allow you to respond quickly and efficiently to your clients.


Follow conversations

Follow-up of the evolution of the problems of your customers and history of the actions of the conversations. The status of conversations will allow you to follow their evolution.


Automated responses

Save time by using automated responses to answer your customers' recurring questions. Write the answers you need and use often to communicate easier.


Internal comments

Your agents can leave internal comments on a conversation in order to communicate with each other. These comments will obviously not be visible to customers.


Sort and assign your messages

Your conversations can be sorted into folders to facilitate management. Each conversation can also be assigned to any luminjo agent to better respond to conversations.


Manage agents

Add users who will be agents of your luminjo with ease. Manage their settings and assign them to specific folders for efficient conversations.