Glossary of luminjo

To master luminjo, it is best to learn the terms we use. A perfect mastery of the terms used on luminjo will facilitate the use of our online support software. So to make your luminjo journey the best possible we have created this glossary.

  • Glossaire logiciel saas

    SaaS software

    SaaS software allows a company to use software without having to install and download software on its servers. By subscribing to the software online - luminjo can be used from any connected device.
  • Glossaire support client

    Customer support

    Customer support is all the tools and means available to allow you to respond to your customer needs. Luminjo is a customer support software dedicated to respond to all your customer conversations and even more.
  • Glossaire agent


    Agent is a key term on luminjo. An agent corresponds to someone who has rights to use the luminjo account. An agent is not a client. An agent is the one who answers the requests of the customer.
  • Glossaire ticket


    "Coversation" is as important as the term "agent". Please note that a conversation is a message sent by a customer. For example, the customer asks a question using the luminjo contact form. This question will be a conversation that can be consulted and answered from the luminjo dashboard.
  • Glossaire dossier


    Create folders to sort all conversations on luminjo. A folder allows you to organize your tickets as you want to maximize efficiency.
  • Glossaire reponses

    Automated response

    Automated response allow you to reply quickly and efficiently. Easily save common replies so that can be sent with a click.
  • Glossaire tag


    Tags are a simple way to classify and categorize keywords. They will be useful to you to classify your conversations, same as folders. In addition, thanks to the tags you will be able to find conversations more easily.