Centralize all your customer conversations


One tool for all needs

Luminjo will allow you to centralize the conversations of your customers to one and the same place. Accessible from any connected advice, it is then possible to be able to answer directly from its smartphone. Very convenient to answer a request while on the move. Conversation centralization allows you to increase productivity and easily understand the number of questions to be processed for all of your customers. With centralization, you are sure to solve all problems.

All requests for assistance are in the same location

The demands of your customers are no longer scattered over several mailboxes in your company, all conversations are on in the luminjo dashboard. Follow all the conversations easily, finding all actions and history taken to resolve the conversation. Also, having all requests together in one place helps you get detailed statistics and thus improve your product and services

You get customer satisfaction, which is necessary to any successful business!

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Case study using luminjo

Sam has to manage customer queries by phone, e-mail and also gets questions from colleagues. It was difficult to organize and follow all the questions. Thanks to luminjo, all requests are centralized: Sam easily knows if conversations are awaiting a response. Sam's luminjo account also allowed him to realize that certain questions frequently repeated and thus transmitted the requests and frequent interrogations of the clients to the whole team, as well as, creating an automated response.


Internal comments

Agents can leave internal comments on a conversation in order to communicate with each other. These comments are not visible to customers.


Automated response

Save time by using automated responses to answer your customers' reoccurring questions. You can edit, add the automated responses you need.


Sort and assign conversations

Your conversations can be categorized by folder for easy management. Each conversation can be assigned to an agent of your luminjo.