Follow the conversation

Luminjo helps you follow the evolution of customer problems. If you have already answered a question and were left wondering if your help has had the desired effect... then you know the importance of tracking conversations.

Offer your customers a satisfying relationship managing requests quickly by ensuring a systematic response all conversations.

Discover the field of possibilities and opportunities using luminjo

Conversation status

Luminjo provides integrated tracking to each customer conversation. This allows you to know its status (new, closed, pending, or open). If the conversation is awaiting a response for more than three weeks (by default), your customer receives an e-mail requesting them to indicate whether or not the problem is resolved. Depending on its return, the conversation can then be closed. The customer knows at every moment exactly where the conversation request is, without having to ask the question!

Suivi ticket

How to create and assign a conversation to an agent?

As an agent and administrator, you can create and assign a conversation to an agent.

Choose which folder you want to sort a conversation to and which agent the conversation is for. By entering the e-mail of the agent who will receive the conversation, you are certain that the latter will be notified of the receipt of a new conversation by an e-mail notification. Use the text editor to type the body of your conversation by easily adding an attached file if necessary by clicking on "Attach files"

Reply to luminjo conversations

When you open a conversation on luminjo, you immediately have the possibility to answer the request. The answer is to be formulated via the text editor below the conversation. The text editor allows you to structure your text and perfectly format your answer.

With luminjo, avoid duplicate replies and questions

If an agent is already responding to a conversation, a message warning that an agent is already responding will appear above the text. This ensures you avoid duplicate responses.

Also, on your dashboard, at a glance, you are notified that a member of your team has opened a conversation. How? It's very simple, a red vertical bar appears on the conversation alerting you that it was opened by an agent.

Illustration ticket

the reply options

The luminjo reply field offers many options. Your replies can be supplemented not only with text but by much more. You can insert images, GIFS, PDF, Youtube video, link... Offer an enriched experience to your customers to offer them quality assistance.

Attach files

As for creating a conversation, you can add attachments to your reply by clicking "Attach files ..." just below the text field.

Joindre fichier

Please note that the size limit for your attachments is 8 MB. So be careful not to exceed the maximum size.

Add a Tag

To add a new tag click on the "Settings" icon.

You are now on the "Tags" page. To create a new tag, simply click on "Add a tag".

Tag a conversation

After the creation of different tags, you can assign a tag to this conversation on the page of a ticket. On the right side of the page of a conversation are the options to assign a ticket to an agent, a folder, its info, its history and finally to attribute a Tag.

What is the point of conversation Status?

Instantly identify the status of a conversation to control the activity of agents associated with a luminjo account. Customers can also know immediately where the conversation is.

What are the four statuses?

A ticket can have 4 different statuses, which are:

  1. New, the conversation has not yet be addressed
  2. Pending, an agent has replied and now awaiting a reply from the customer
  3. Open, a customer has replied and now awaiting a reply from an agent
  4. Closed, the conversation has been resolved.

Capture suivi ticket 3

Please note pending conversations will close according to the settings (default 1 month).

Inactive conversations - Automatic close

For a pending conversation, after a duration of 1 month of inactivity will be closed. An email will be sent 7 days from the closing date of the ticket, the customer associated with this ticket receives an e-mail to notify him that his request is still pending. Luminjo, you should not miss out on a request from one of your customers.

History of actions on a conversation

The advantage of tracking conversations is a history of each action taken in the conversation. Know which agent(s) take care of your customer's question, what actions were taken to resolve the problem and on what dates. After the customer's conversation is resolved, you can close a ticket and move on.

Help about conversation status


Sort and assign your messages

Your conversations can be sorted into folders to facilitate management. Each conversation can also be assigned to any luminjo agent to better respond to conversations.


Internal comments

Your agents can leave internal comments on a conversation in order to communicate with each other. These comments will obviously not be visible to customers.


Manage agents

Add users who will be agents of your luminjo with ease. Manage their settings and assign them to specific folders for efficient conversations.