Integrate a luminjo contact formula to your site


One of the first things to do after signing up is to integrate the contact form. This allows your customers to contact you via luminjo without having to leave your email address visible to all. A key way to limit spam of your mailbox.

You can directly integrate the contact form on your site. This form can be displayed as a standard contact form on a website (Via an API). Which is what we have done on this very luminjo website. The integration of a luminjo form is an important step because without it - you will not be able to communicate with your different customers.

Customer contact using luminjo

A customer asks a question directly on your website using the form that you have integrated into your site. No time is wasted looking for an address or calling you to ask one or more questions.

From the contact form, the customer indicates his e-mail address, the title of the conversations (the subject of his request) and finally asks his question. Subsequently, an e-mail is sent to acknowledge reception. In addition, the customer receives the URL of the conversation corresponding to his question. From there, the customer can follow the progress of the conversation.

Case study and advantages of the luminjo contact form

Sam receives a question from a customer. The customer states that their site is not displaying properly in their browser and that they can not perform the actions they want. The customer did not specify the browser or its version, but thanks to the powers of luminjo, Sam knows that the customer uses Internet Explorer 6. No need to contact the client to ask for this information and Sam can address the problem directly.

Create a contact form with luminjo

Wondering how to integrate a luminjo contact form to open conversations with your customers? There are two integration possibilities:


Embed a luminjo form on a web page

Use the integration codes provided by luminjo. Be sure to copy all of the integration codes without errors. These can be accessed in the integration section in the upper right menu. You have 2 choices:

  • Embed JS on your site
  • Embed the luminjo tag on your site

Insert the code where you want to integrate your form. On your home page for example. You have the option of choosing the size of the contact form that will be on your site (data-width and data-height

If you are having difficulties with embedding luminjo:

Contact luminjo support


Automated response

Save time by using automated responses to answer your customers' reoccurring questions. You can edit, add the automated responses you need.


Internal comments

Agents can leave internal comments on a conversation in order to communicate with each other. These comments are not visible to customers.


Sort and assign conversations

Your conversations can be categorized by folder for easy management. Each conversation can be assigned to an agent of your luminjo.