Internal comments

Internal Comments

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Add comments to tickets to help other agents

Quickly post comments internally with all of your agents to effectively inform your entire team. Talk easily with the agents about a ticket and advance a project discreetly to respond to your customers' requests.

Internal comments will obviously not be visible to customers. You will know who commented and the time an agent gave a response. Very useful to track the progress of a particular request.

Internal comments appear in a different color to identify them. Agents, therefore, know that an internal comment has been posted under a conversation and this internal comment is never visible to the customer.

Be notified instantly of a new comment

Enable notifications for each new comment received. An email will then be sent instantly after the publication of a new comment addressed to one or more agents. To do this, simply customize the account settings to receive the alerts by e-mail. There is also the possibility to activate the notifications in your web browser so nothing is missed!


Sort and assign your messages

Your conversations can be sorted into folders to facilitate management. Each conversation can also be assigned to any luminjo agent to better respond to conversations.


Automated responses

Save time by using automated responses to answer your customers' recurring questions. Write the answers you need and use often to communicate easier.


Internal comments

Your agents can leave internal comments on a conversation in order to communicate with each other. These comments will obviously not be visible to customers.