Manage luminjo agents


Luminjo promotes collaboration and teamwork for customer service.

From the dedicated agent dashboard on luminjo, you have three different roles to assign agents : Administrator, Super agent or Agent. You will probably already have understood, the administrator is the highest role on luminjo.

The role of administrator gives all the rights to a luminjo agent account. A super agent is considered an assistant to the administrator. Thus, a super agent has almost the same rights.

The agent role corresponds to a basic role on luminjo. An agent can only access conversations that are assigned to them. If a conversation is assigned, then an agent will be allowed to respond. This is the same for folders, once assigned an agent can respond.

Here is a summary of the notable differences between the three roles:

  • An administrator can change the company settings.
  • A super agent can create and modify the rights of other agents, folders, manage conversation assignments, and see all incoming conversations.
  • An agent can handle typical replies, tags, see only the conversations assigned to him, or to a folder.

Manage the role and access of agents

On luminjo, you can add and/or delete agents simply on the tab dedicated to agent management.
From this tab, you can see the role of an agent (administrator, agent, super agent ...) and its role in the company (provided that the agent has completed his user profile). If this is not the case, an administrator can do so in his place

With this tool, you can identify which agent(s) to contact based on the conversation topic. On luminjo, you know exactly how many agents are attached to a business account as well as the number of conversations. The administrator can then efficiently delegate the requests of his clients.

Add or delete agents

As an administrator, you have the power to manage the users of your luminjo account. At any time, you have the option to add an additional agent to your team. An agent can not modify or delete a member of its team with the role of administrator.

The agent freshly integrated to the team then receives a mail to notify him that he can henceforth connect to the luminjo dashboard of his company. In the "Agents" tab, you have access to all agents assigned to a Luminjo company account. From there, names, roles, and functions are visible to the administrator and super agents.

Changing the role of your agents

When you are an administrator or super agent, you have the power to change the role of your agents. For a particular need, you can switch an agent from "super agent" to "administrator" and vice versa.


Follow conversations

Follow-up of the evolution of the problems of your customers and history of the actions of the conversations. The status of conversations will allow you to follow their evolution.


Sort and assign your messages

Your conversations can be sorted into folders to facilitate management. Each conversation can also be assigned to any luminjo agent to better respond to conversations.


Manage agents

Add users who will be agents of your luminjo with ease. Manage their settings and assign them to specific folders for efficient conversations.