Reduce irrelevant messages

Tri ticket

Send the conversation directly to the agebts it concerns

Do not interrupt your employees (agents) for a problem that doesn't concern them. In most companies, employees frequently receive unwanted emails. These emails are part of the many interruptions that prevent your employees from concentrating on a task or finishing a project on time. Luminjo reduces the inconvenience associated with emails and reduces the disturbance/ effectiveness ratio to receive only messages that directly concern the agent.

Stop pesky interruptions

Some projects require intense and prolonged concentration to be carried out most effectively. Without these periods of concentration, it is difficult to come up with creative solutions to complex problems. With luminjo, if a conversation does not concern you, you will not be disturbed.

With the role of agent, you receive only the conversations that are assigned to you.

Increase the relevance of your messages

By sending the right messages to the right people, you increase the likelihood that your messages will be read and taken into account. Let us take the example of Brit:

Brit receives 120 emails a day, but only about ten e-mails are important. These important e-mails are more likely to be lost in the mass of information and not to be treated as a priority.

By only receiving relevant conversations, accessing and replying to user's questions is made more efficient. Deal with problems more quickly and focus on its various other tasks.

Tag a conversation

Why assign a tag to a conversation? It is smart to assign one or more tags to a ticket. A tag makes it easier to find a conversation when it is hidden in the mass of conversations already posted.

Create folders to sort conversations

If you like things tidy, opt for the folders to organize your conversations. The folders are there for this reason, while folders can be used for much more.

For example, a conversation was started about the design of a website. You may choose to organize this conversation in a folder that could be called "design". So your design agent (s) do not need to go through all the conversations in the dashboard to find the ones that concern them.

Why organize a conversation to a folder?

Taking the time to put a conversation in a folder is helpful to agents. Indeed putting a ticket in the right folder makes it possible to orient an agent concerned by a ticket more quickly.

For example, a designer will automatically go into the "design" folder that corresponds to his branch. On the page of your tickets, on the left side, you will find all the tickets published on your luminjo account. Folders are displayed in this section, so you can see the number of tickets associated with a folder.


Follow conversations

Follow-up of the evolution of the problems of your customers and history of the actions of the conversations. The status of conversations will allow you to follow their evolution.


Sort and assign your messages

Your conversations can be sorted into folders to facilitate management. Each conversation can also be assigned to any luminjo agent to better respond to conversations.


Manage agents

Add users who will be agents of your luminjo with ease. Manage their settings and assign them to specific folders for efficient conversations.