Understand your dashboard

Master the luminjo dashboard

The dashboard is the focal point of the space dedicated to your company. From this dashboard see all your conversations with key info next to it. To sort them quickly, click on the statuses (new, pending, open, closed). Namely, bold tickets are those waiting for an answer!

The purpose of the dashboard is to have an overview of the conversations received. Know the subject of the conversation, the author if it is in a folder, the agent (s) assigned to this conversation and finally the date of receipt of the ticket. It is up to the administrator to check the progress of conversations processing and to distribute conversations, if necessary, to his agents.

Luminjo provides integrated tracking to each customer ticket. This allows you to know its state (new, closed, pending or open).

The menu allows you to adjust your settings, access your folders and the agent's space. You can also write your automated response, add tags to your conversations, integrate a form, access your statistics and your agent account.

The line on the left is dedicated to tickets and folders. You may quickly access the tickets that have been assigned to you and the various files. By clicking on create a conversation, you can start a conversation with a customer by entering his email address. The customer will receive the conversation in his mailbox.  

The right side is reserved for details about the company and the account luminjo (logo, description, a number of agents and number of conversations).

A different dashboard for each role

Depending on the role assigned to you, you do not access the same information. For exanple, with the role of agent, the agent will see only the conversations and records that are assigned to you.
An administrator has access to all incoming conversations. A super agent also has access to all incoming conversations.

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