An area dedicated to your business

Manage one or more company accounts on luminjo

Plusieurs comptes

Luminjo is a customer support software whose dashboard is dedicated to one or several companies, that is to say, that an administrator can manage the account of one or more of his activities thanks to his luminjo account. Add, delete, and assign roles to different agents for its different business accounts. Very convenient for a business with lots of activities.

An area dedicated to agents

It goes without saying that a dedicated area for agents in charge of customer support is not visible to customers. Rest assured, a customer does not have access to a company's luminjo dashboard. He only has access to his own conversation for better online support.

A dashboard just for customers

Customers will be able to see the progress and add to the conversation from the URL provided after contacting you. On the page dedicated to the conversation, the customer sees which agents process his ticket. It can thus communicate with the agents in charge of the ticket.

Case study of dedicated dashboards

Adam is the administrator of his company of creation of websites manages the demands of the different customers of his company. But Adam also has a branch of mobile app creation that belongs to the same company. As an administrator, on luminjo, Adam can easily navigate between his different accounts. This allows Adam to exchange with respective agents without bothering those who do not belong to the company concerned by the customer's conversation.

More about the luminjo dashboard

Create a new luminjo board

Convinced by the super powers of luminjo online customer support software. If you now want to create your own luminjo. Go to the luminjo website at the "register" section in the top menu.

On the sign-up page, you just indicate your name and surname, the name of your company, an e-mail, and a password. Your password must contain a special character ie: ($ # § / \ [] {} !,. An error message will be displayed if either the password or the email were added in error.

The URL address of your luminjo dashboard

The luminjo URL is automatically created from the company name (, but you can change it. If you want to customize this URL, simply click on "I want to change it!". You then enter the URL you want unless it is already taken by another account. In this case, an error message will be displayed and you will be asked to pick a different URL.

Remember to read and accept the terms and conditions of sale to complete sign-up. At the end of sign-up, you will be redirected to your luminjo dashboard.

Change the settings of a company account

This action is reserved only for a user who has the role of ambassador. Many settings can be modified by the administrator. For instance, the logo of the company with a short description, the URL of the luminjo company, the duration before the closing of a pending ticket ... The various settings can be modified at any time by an administrator. With the role of Super Agent and Agent, it is then impossible to modify the parameters of the company.

Set-up and agent account

In the section "my agent account", you will find information related to your luminjo personal account. It is then possible to enter a nickname, a function within a company (eg developer), a signature, a description with the possibility of attaching a file, a profile photo. For email and browser notifications, it's also in "my agent account".


Internal comments

Your agents can leave internal comments on a conversation in order to communicate with each other. These comments will obviously not be visible to customers.


Sort and assign your messages

Your conversations can be sorted into folders to facilitate management. Each conversation can also be assigned to any luminjo agent to better respond to conversations.


Manage agents

Add users who will be agents of your luminjo with ease. Manage their settings and assign them to specific folders for efficient conversations.