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Luminjo is a simple customer service software that allows you to offer the best support for your customers. Centralize all the questions of your users, follow the evolution of your conversations and manage the distribution of the conversations to your agents

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All user conversations centralised in one dashboard

Your luminjo account is the place where customers go to contact your team. From the dedicated support dashboard, find all the messages sent by your team and customers on luminjo. No longer worry about misplacing conversations from your customers, everything is centralized!

Conversation dashboard

Follow the evolution of your conversations

Know when a problem is resolved, how many conversations are awaiting a reply and exactly what has been done to help your customers. With luminjo, you can consult the history of a customer's problems to better track progress. So that at any moment, you can see all past exchanges, from resolved conversations to new.

Follow conversation

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The best person for the best response

Make sure that your conversations go to the right person. Thanks to luminjo assign conversations easily to the right person with the correct area of expertise. So that Patrick in the development department is no longer interrupted by questions about billing and can concentrate on the questions that concern him.

Problems are resolved faster, responded to clearly, customer satisfaction increases, and your team is more efficient.

Improve your customer support

Who should use this software?

Luminjo is intended for all organizations that answer customer questions: enterprises, small businesses, the self-employed, associations, etc. As complex as customer questions can be, make it simple with a tool that is dedicated to managing your conversations all in one convenient place.


Offer the best support to your customers

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A tool to respond to all questions

We use luminjo internally to answer your questions about our software, we are the first users of luminjo. Better your conversations with luminjo.

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Easy integration into your website

You can use the luminjo tools on your site with easy integration. Your customers can make contact directly from your site.


Connect to your luminjo account from anywhere

You can use luminjo on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The display is adapted to for multiple devices.